The memorials at Ponsharden have had a rough old time. There were once many more than are visible today. During the years of abandonment, a number were stolen and many were smashed to pieces by incomprehensible morons. The ground-level across site has increased by almost a foot in places (from decades of compacted leaves) and we suspect that at least a dozen fallen headstones are still awaiting discovery. Each year we spot at least one new monument after heavy rain has eroded patches of soil.

Whilst restoring the site we have uncovered 92 monuments, ranging in style from simple slate headstones to ornate family vaults. We logged each memorial as we stumbled across it, assigning it a unque reference number before transcribing its inscription and surveying its condition. Below is a plan of the cemetery, showing all the monument numbers. The site plan can also be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Dissenters' Ponsharden Site Plan Rev2 (MASTER COPY

The table below contains all the names we have recorded on the surviving monuments, along with their reference number on the above plan. A summary of the names on each monument can also be downloaded HERE for free.


Please note, these names only represent a small fraction of the actual burials at Ponsharden. There are approximately 386 interments on site that do not have monuments.




Names in BOLD are family members who are mentioned on a monument

("Wife of... Son of...") but are not buried at Ponsharden.


Names in ITALICS are persons with a memorial on site, but we don't

think the body is in the grave (due to the death being at sea / abroad etc.)


All other names most likely represent burials on site (although headstones

can sometimes act as memorials to persons who are buried elsewhere).

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